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Friday, 21 March 2014

Aldi and the UKIP factor

There are interesting parallels between shopping and voting. We have 3 major grocery retailers and three main political parties.  All are struggling to hold the loyalty of their traditional constituents. And in both arenas the major disrupter is a four lettered fringe competitor who is doing rather better than expected.

Aldi in retail, UKIP in politics. It's not a direct relationship. It would be an uber irony if  all UKIP supporters who want to be out of the EU were intent on invading Aldi.

It's more subtle and profound.
UK shoppers are well trained seekers of daily value and are increasingly prepared to explore the fringes. In both cases, the proof of
the pudding is surprisingly good.

Shopping is voting after all, the battle for value is set and it's outcome unpredictable. The message to established UK retailers and their suppliers is simple, direct and Thatcherite: "UKIP if you want to; shoppers aren't for kipping"