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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Amazon: Bezos the Omnipotent

Jeff Bezos' letter to Amazon shareholders last week makes compelling reading. It's not the scale of progress and success since 1997 that wows (though it does); it is the sense of future and the long-term bets being placed to maintain a sense of perpetual revolution.

This year is likely to see Amazon go toe to toe with Apple and Samsung for the smartphone market. And who would be surprised if Amazon turn up as a major UK energy provider when the current industry structure is broken up.

Whilst other retailers talk "omni-channel": reflecting their need to get to more shoppers wherever and however they shop; Bezos' take on life is totally different. He intends to reach more shoppers, wherever they are, whatever they buy. It's Omni-everything. It's a potent idea. Omni-potent.