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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mum's the word

Typical. I just start writing off M&S clothes and my mother emails me: "I don't think you know what you're talking about, I like M&S clothes". Now there are a number of concerning points in these comments, in no particular order.
First, my mother reads my blog and emails me during the day. Second, she's is a real retail expert. Where I spend my time thinking retail, she spends her time and money shopping. Third, she is pc literate (note to self - why did you think buy mother a pc was a good idea?) and this means she is buying online ans well as in-store. This is a big move from all those N. Brown catalogues she used to have kicking around the house. Fourth, she isn't really dressing to impress anyone other than herself. She can have all the inoffensive, not too trendy clothes she likes, and pick up a great dinner for £10 at the same time.

And when you think about it, we are all getting older. Perhaps the realisation is we will all in time grow to love M&S clothes again...always assuming that by the time we get there, we can remember who M&S and what clothes are!

I was wrong. M&S clothes are here to stay. And don't argue with my mother!

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